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Aidan - Arena Master The Old Forest

== Featured article ==Sirion grabbed this one aidan!

The black knight tournament is at its core, a varied tournament that attracts all sorts of fighters to the quite little arena town. This quite little arena town is a cover for all wonder of strange things going on, such as the recent "rabbid" problem. It didnt end well.

The tournament itself has a little backstory too, its owner, lord aidan-arena master has made a deal with death to preserve the tournament. This deal states that death may never enter the arena, which came in handy when an aviato and a draglide were skewered with arrow bolts for not dismounting when told. The tournaments various contestants have some interesting backstories too:

Kkutwar/Kut: Loyal knight of the king, this valiant knight was on leave from his service when he decided to go to the tournament. He became great freinds with aidan and is currently getting a new bow made for himself.

Mr mystery: What can I say, all I know is that he has three little imp like creatures called the mysteries and recently created a golem.

-Tagerus: I'll get him for that, see if I don't.

-Reaper0001:He stole my cloak. Those mysteries are going to disappear one by one.

More coming later, I got school now!

-Zeeble: Who the heck messed up the centering?

-Aidan: Sorry Zeeble that was me. Some how when I was adding something it disappeared and I can't retrieve it.

-Zeeble: *Sigh* I'll go find it

== Featured Video ==None. If you have a video that you would like to be featured, please PM Darth Aidan, BKT Wikis administrator.

Aidan: I can deletez stuff! =D

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