Candlewood is a small town that sprang up around the arena. There are six shops in the town; the Blackmsith, the Shieldsmith, the Magic Shop, a Pendentshop, the Inn, and a strange shop for Aidan's old freinds*.

The shops provide a variety of services including:

Blacksmith Edit

1. Weaponcrafting (Custom made weaponry)

2. Armorcrafting (Custom made armor)

3. Shopkeeper



4. A runtry drakel with wierd gadgets

Magic Shop Edit

1. Enchanting Items

2. Spells

3. Potions and scrolls

Shield Shop Edit

1. Custom shields

2. Shopkeeper


The Inn Edit

1. Drinks

2. Food

3. Lodging

4. Barmaids *Cough*

-Tagerus**: Who put that in here?!

Pawn Shop* Edit

Home to a variety of items: Some cool, some wierd, but all deadly


*In game: Testers only shop

**Tagerus is kindly played by my brother, Kian