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Welcome to Black Knight Travel! Thank you for choosing us on your trip through the Old Forest.

Sites to see Edit

The Dragon lair: Edit

This cave contains one of the most fantastic creatures of all time! An adult red dragon lives in this cave surrounded by treasure.

Admission: Free

Notes: Rumors of visitors being charbroiled has not been proved. If you are charbroiled, please remember Black Knight Travel is not responisible for damages.

In game:

Dragon Race: Dragon Armor: Scales Shield: None Helmet: None Weapon: Claws, tails, teeth, breath weapon, wings Gold: See Dragon Horde*

*Nah you don't get to see this!

Elven Village Edit

Take time to stop by this fanatastic sight! This village of elves holds various and sundry events including:

A) Singing

B) Dancing

C) Archery Competitions

D) Hobbit Stories *Cough*

In additon to all of this why not stop buy and pick up a fantasticly made bow. Your first bow comes with a free pack of twenty arrows!

Wight Lair Edit

Closed for redecoration. Please stay away. Remember Black Knight Travel is not responsible for any injuries you recieve.

The Wolf Pack Edit

A pack of wolves as often been seen. Take your time and view the wonders of nature!

Note: Warning animals may be dangerous. Reports of werewolves are totally unconfirmed

Lodgings Edit

Buy a nice tent from BKTent Mart. For all your Tent Needs!

Canvas: 100 gp

Rubber: 150 gp

Waterproof: 200 gp

Wolf Proof: 225 gp

Essentials! Edit

1. Bug spray

2. Wolf repellent

3. Marshmellows

4. Firewood

5. Fireball spell or matches